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Currently, the issue of safe and secure storage of information is very relevant. How often have you thought about where to store important information but at the same time so that no one except you to it did not have access? The words "Important Information " we mean not only working documents, personal photos that you expensive but you do not want them to anyone to show a personal mail, corporate documents and so on. Information can be stored on a flash drive or a CD-ROM but the stick can be lost, or it may be damaged, broken and scratched discs. Store such information on a home or work computer is very unwise to access it can get all kinds of people who do not need to know it, and access to it will be only local.

Our site offers you:
Secure online store. Your files are stored on an encrypted file system.
Encrypt your data block. The cell is encrypted with server's private key and your password.
Full anonymity. We do not require you to complete registration, personal data you provide on request.
Password recovery to the cell is impossible. Password to your cell is not stored on the server.
Recovering data in a cell with the loss of a password is impossible. The password is the source code deciphering.
Unauthorized access to your data is impossible. Encrypted data file does not contain meaningful information.
We offer you only the reliability, security, anonymity and nothing more.

How it works you can read in information block.

Low reliability of flash drives

So, what are the main topics that need to talk when there is a question the reliability of data storage on USB-Flash Drive?
Firstly, the number of cycles of write / erase. Modern standards, the number of write cycles is determined by the level of 10 000 to 100 000 times. At first glance, even the 10 000 - a lot. Yes, for many people - more than enough. However, if you have to actively use the flash drive every day, it's not so much ... It should also take into account the fact that not all USB-Flash Drive and spend the whole truth destined them to share. This is particularly true of cheap flash drives ", USB-Flash Drive from little-known firms, if not unknown origin. It happens that among the well-known brands are found fake. What threatens the exhaustion of the resource?
A trivial loss of information on the media ... completely or partially. If, for example, when damaged hard drive (the formation of bad sectors, for example) you can usually extract information from him (subject to certain rules and with the help of special programs), then with the USB-Flash Drive is another.
On design features, very little chance of a successful recovery from worn-out drive. Nature store information on USB-Flash Drive is somewhat different. Usually, this chip is nonvolatile memory that stores information in cells.
Write / erase information from a cell can be a limited number of times (see above), so when the drive ends with a resource, written information is recorded with the mistakes in any cell, or once recorded information is read with an error.
And in both cases is very difficult to restore and retrieve necessary information.

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