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The idea of creating virtual encrypted cells appeared in 2008. When the question arose about the safe storage of corporate information at the same time that access to it was swift and fast and from anywhere in the world. Our WEB developers had created a prototype of the site, written and test the encryption module.
In consequence of the fact that the servers with the data were in private but unprotected areas, and to them in theory, be able to access any who had entered the room, the main tasks for establishment of service were:
  1) No direct URL to access files
  2) Inability to get information when stolen encrypted block
  3) Inability to obtain information in the event of unauthorized access to database users
  4) Inability to find the code for the deposit on disk or database
  5) Inability retrieve passwords to accounts in the event of unauthorized access to database
  6) Inability to understand whose deposit and what kind of information out there it can be kept
  7) The need to create backup copies of data blocks on a remote server of our company
All these tasks have been implemented and they were vain, at the end of 2009. leaked information from our server because one of the employees of the company that provided services to us Colocation. We spent force in the creation of such protection have borne fruit, no document to go public and the theft had no effect on the stability of our company. In 2010. Head of IT Department, was the task set, based on the existing corporate service, to create a publicly available online resource in the form of a separate independent project. Initially, the resource was created for our customers to ensure rapid and secure exchange of important documents, the idea of accessibility we were served the customers themselves who wished to use it not only to work with us but also in their daily practice.

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