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How it works?

1. Our service is shareware. When registering a new account, you have the opportunity to open a store in your personal cell size of 250 Mb, as you need to log in to your account at least 1 time in 6 months, after this period your account is blocked But your data is stored on the server for another 3 years You may at any time to unlock the account.

2. To use the service you need to register at registration from you necessarily need to enter only the username, password, administrator password, and agree to the use of this service. For more information, E-Mail, contact information, etc., are entered by you at will and they are only required to restore access to your account and receive system notifications, again, if you turn them on. Login and password for your account is stored on the server but the knowledge of these data are not sufficient to gain access to your information. Administrator Password allows you to log into your account, make changes in it, open your cells in a store, pay for services, if you do something for himself booked. User password allows you to sign in, pay for services, if any, to open your cells in a vault in read mode only if the user knows the code to the cell, as when logging in under the user's password, the system saves the time of last login to your account by increasing activity time.

3. Once signed in you will be able to create a 1 cell in the repository. For the cell you come up and enter a separate access code. Be careful !!! pridumany code you show up only 1 time at the moment of creation, this code is encrypted with your CELL, server does not save your code thus restoring the forgotten code to the cell and can not be built without the proper decoding of the CELL package then it is impossible !!!

4. The administration is doing everything necessary to protect your information how to programmatically and technically. Blocks of data stored on the raid array - Raid 5 for data storage disks are used ULTRA 320 SCSI, these accounts permanently stored in the backup to vshenshih media and on remote servers. But sometimes the event of force majeure circumstances surrounding independent from the administration. Therefore, in order to protect your information We are pleased to offer you a range of extra services:
4.1 You can expand the size of self cell.
4.2 You can extend the time for not locking your account for the long term, or unlock it paid for the excess.
4.3 You can order additional more secret encryption of your cell, it will be made after the main, new keys. Thus your data will be encrypted in 2 or more passes (maximum of 10 passages).
4.4 You can order a backup of an encrypted block of your data on a remote (physically located in another location) server, it will protect against different force majeure. A full list of additional services, you can see here

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