Dynamic Panel


Question: How can I fund balance?
Answer: For convenience, payment for services connected to the module fees in real time OnPay. Sign in to your account, go to the tab "Settings" at the bottom of a form of replenishment of the balance sheet and statement of cash funds in your account. You can top up the balance with any the means of electronic payments (WebMoney, Yandex-money, Mail-money, etc.), as well as through terminals "Eleksnet" and "QIWI", using a credit card or bank transfer. Payment is made at any convenient for you currency.

Question: As an administrator of the cell to prevent users access to specific folders?
Answer: If the folder name before placing a # this folder will be inaccessible to users. For example:
MyFoto - this folder is accessible to all.
#MyFoto - this folder with all the attachments available to administrators.

Question: How to Activate service?
Answer: Log into your account, go to the tab "Settings". Select you need additional services, confirm your choice. Be careful, the services are activated immediately after confirmation. For information:
1. Withdraw funds from your account occurs in the early settlement period, the first day of the month/year.
2. When you activate the service was withdrawn amount for the remainder of the billing period including the day of payment.
3. If there is insufficient funds in the early settlement period for the services account has been blocked until the amount required or until the Administrator of the cell decision to waive some/all of the services.
If you have any problems with the activation of services, contact Administration site.

Question: How do I create a new deposit, and how to activate it?
Answer: It's very simple. To start you need to go easy Register, then you get into the secure part of the site using your username and password. When you first visit you will create your own cell. Need to read the recommendations and click on "Create". The server automatically creates your deposit generates encryption keys and 2 seconds later your cell is ready and you can already use it. Do not forget to set a separate code (if necessary) to encrypt your data. If the code is not specified when you sign your cell will be always open, close it you can always provide the code for encryption. On the left you will see the status of your account: The presence of the lock, maximum size of a cell, how many are employed in the cell, the status of your account, the number of levels of encryption (number of passes by default 1)

Question: How to disable virtual keyboard and enter the code hands?
Answer: To the left of the entry field is your secret code lock, press upon him to disable virtual keyboard. The next time the field entering the secret code will be open.

Question: How to make the left-hand panel has always been a visible part of the browser?
Answer: Bottom right panel of the information/navigation icon is "Dynamic Panel". If you click on it then the panel will move with the scrolling and always leave this part in an accessible area.

Question: On your web site says that the password to a cell not stored on your server, but when you enter an incorrect password, the server writes an error "Invalid password" as a maybe if you are the unknown password.
Answer: When creating a password, the server computes the checksum (md5 hash) is an irreversible process (from md5 to get the password, even theoretically impossible), and when you enter your password, then the server vchislyaet its md5 hash and compares it with the correct password and md5 based on this comparison makes a finding of loyalty to your password.

Question: When you open a cell to its closing server does not ask for my password. Why?
Answer: At the moment when you open your cell server creates a memory variable that stores your current password in an encrypted form until the cell is opened, it necessary to automatically encrypt the cell after timeout, in case you have opened the cell and for some reason can not close it yourself.

Question: Why can not I download files from the deposit. I use the browser InternetExplorer 8.0
Answer: Problem downloading files with different versions of IE on the secure protocol https:// been extensively described on the site MicroSoft, and for each version of IE the problem lies in the different causes, and there is no universal method for the administration site to fix this problem. The problem completely disappears only if we make the necessary changes in the Windows Registry.

Question: Why when I close the box the site is loaded in 30 seconds?
Answer: When you close your cell on the server is compressed block of your data while encrypting, with real-time generated keys that are mathematically derived from your code. Depending on your data encryption speed ranges from 20-110 MB/sec. If you activate the service optional encryption, its duration is directly proportional to the number of cycles of encryption.

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