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License Agreement

This license agreement is a legal document between you (either an individual or legal entity) and the owner of the site virtualsafe.ru relative to the specified service.

This service (hereinafter Service) is a set of tools to protect data from unauthorized access. Service is subject to copyright and is protected by the laws of the Russian Federation. All terms and conditions of this License Agreement apply both to the service as a whole and all its separate components.

Property rights to the Service are exclusively owned by the site owner virtualsafe.ru.

The user is given the right to use the Service for any purpose, subject to the below listed conditions and restrictions.

1. The user can operate the service according to the terms of use. This restriction does not apply to corporate services.

2. The user should not use third-party software to gain access to the Service. Violation of this License Agreement is a violation of the RF Law "On legal protection of computer programs and databases, and will be prosecuted. In case of violation of this License Agreement, the site administration virtualsafe.ru void the user's license to use the SERVICE and completely abandoning its warranty and other obligations.

Use of the Service means that you understand the terms of this License Agreement and agree to them.

If for some reason you do not agree with this license you must remove the files from the cells and stop using the Service.


Service is available "as is".

The site owner virtualsafe.ru not be liable for any direct or indirect consequences of SERVICE, data corruption or loss, any loss of profit from the use or misuse of this service.

Thank you for using our service

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