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[22.04.2011]    Encryption cells became more reliable.
Improved encryption module cells. With each new encryption your cell uses a different algorithm shifrovniya different from any cell encoding was the last time. The algorithm selects an arbitrary manner available. You are currently using 137 different algorithms.

[02.04.2011]    Increasing the speed of access to the server.
The development team is pleased to announce that all servers moved to a closed guarded data center and connected to the main channel of the Internet with a guaranteed rate of 1 Gbps.

[07.03.2011]    Module is connected direct payment via WebMoney.
Module is connected direct payment via WebMoney. You can pay in WMZ, WMR, WME. We strive for ease of use of our service.

[21.02.2011]    Action !!! Subscribe now and get $ 50 on your personal account.
The site administration announces Share !!! All registered before 31 December 2011. the registration will be credited to the account $ 50. We are making every effort for your comfort and hope for long cooperation.

[15.02.2011]    You can pay for services in real time.
For convenience, payment for services connected to the module fees in real time OnPay. Sign in to your account, go to the tab "Settings" at the bottom of a form of replenishment of the balance sheet and statement of cash funds in your account. You can top up the balance with any the means of electronic payments (WebMoney, Yandex-money, Mail-money, etc.), as well as through terminals "Eleksnet" and "QIWI", using a credit card or bank transfer. Payment is made at any convenient for you currency.

[05.02.2011]    Protection from keyloggers and Trojans
To protect your secret code to the cell is made of the opportunity to enter the code using the virtual keyboard. This will allow you to keep a secret code, even if your computer is infected by Trojan programs aimed at stealing your passwords. If you believe in the purity of your computer is a virtual keyboard can be disabled by clicking on the padlock to the left.

[30.01.2011]    Checking the stability of our encryption
To test the reliability of our encryption Administration Announces Share. You are invited to try to decode the encrypted file. Within the encrypted file is a text file with the code. If you can open the data block and let us know the code, and how you managed to extract We will gladly hand you 2000$. This is a real opportunity to make money on your knowledge.
File for download: public.enc

[15.01.2011]    Get for free to any service
At the time of testing all the extra services, you can include any service charge. For activation and testing of additional services you need to register on our site, log into your account, create a cell and leave it open, contact the site and in a letter to indicate your name and what service you want to activate itself. In response to your request we will send all necessary information and activate the service.

[31.12.2010]    Our website began its work in full
We are pleased to inform you that the work on the development and testing of our service is successfully completed. The first 40 users have registered for the period from 15 December 2010. on 30 December 2010. 17 people in this period has successfully tested a multi-level encryption and the encrypted block resistance to attempts to hack it. All deficiencies were corrected, all the wishes were taken into account.
The site has successfully been tested on the following browsers: InternetExplorer(7.0, 8.0), FireFox(3.xx, 4.xx), Opera(11), Safari, GoogleChrome(8.xx).

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