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Terms of Use

- User may not use the Service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

- The user is forbidden to use the service for the storage of materials that violate Russian law, infringe upon anyone's copyright, are crack or cracked version of any software.

- Forbidden to use the service for the storage of viruses or any other products containing malicious code.

- User is solely responsible for the files it stores.

- Service shall not be liable for the safety of files that are not administered by the contents of files.

- The administration has the right in its sole discretion to delete any files from the service.

- The term of your account activity 6 months. You can extend the deadline indefinitely going into your account or through additional services. If you lock the account files are stored on the server for 3 years.

- Do not use the program iterates over passwords or otherwise creating an abnormal load on the server. IP violators will be banned until the ban on the subnet.

- Do not use for downloading the program, get a link to a file without having to visit the user download page.

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