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Additional services:

We are pleased to offer you a range of extra services:

 1. You can expand the size of self cell.
 2. You can extend the time for not locking your account for the long term, or unlock it paid for the excess.
 3. You can order additional more secret encryption of your DEPOSIT, it will be made after the main, new keys. Thus your data will be encrypted in 2 or more passes (maximum of 10 passages).
 4. You can order a backup of an encrypted block of your data on a remote (physically located in another location) server, it will protect against different force majeure.

All payments are generating from your personal account. Activation of service occurs immediately with the necessary amount in your account, or in fact crediting funds to your account. Learn about payment methods you can here.

* You can add funds to any means of electronic payments (WebMoney, Yandex-money, Mail-money, RBK-money, etc.) in online.
* You can fill up the balance through the terminals 'Eleksnet', 'QIWI', 'Novoplat'.
* You can add funds using a credit card or bank transfer in online.
** Payment is made at any convenient for you currency.
** Your account is automatically replenished as soon as the money arrived on our account (The time of enrollment depends on the speed of transfer of funds to your payment system, the completion of your balance is over 3 seconds after receiving the money into our account).
** All fees before enrolling at the expense of transforming into USD at the internal rate of our site (course site by 5% below the rate MICEX).

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